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Other Projects

Advil Commercial
Advil sponsors the TV series "American Doers" as seen on People.com. They wanted to create a series of web commercials tying in the American Doers theme and artists who practice art forms that can be taxing on the body, sometimes requiring a pain killer. I was hired to create some domino structures that featured the brand.

Live Broadcast on The TODAY Show
Domino Effect (a group of four Domino Artists, myself and three building partners) competed on live television for the final spot on America's Got Talent Season 9 through TODAY’s Got Talent, a joint production with The TODAY Show. Our act was one of 3 chosen out of 5,000 entries vying for the most votes to move on to America's Got Talent. We set up 18,000 dominoes in less than 2 days, and the topple was broadcast live on The TODAY Show on NBC. Unfortunately, Domino Effect did not get enough votes out of the three acts to move on to America's Got Talent. (7/2014)

Featured on the Pickler and Ben Show

Billboard Music Awards

The BRITs Awards

Profile on WIRED

Featured on Nickelodeon: React to That
NCredible Productions (owned by Nick Cannon) is producing a TV show for Nickelodeon based on the popular YouTube by The Fine Brothers.

Res.net Speed Test
Res.net, a software developer, produced a series of “speed challenge” videos to promote how their solutions can help customers produce results quickly. For the second video they wanted a timed challenge where a subject raced against a domino topple to achieve a goal before the final domino fell. (8/2014)

Gone Viral Cable TV Commercials
Hired by and featured on Gone Viral TV, a cable television channel, to create short TV commercials for their subscribers. (1/2013)

Advertisements & corporate projects for major brands: