I want you to be in my video! :) ***SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED!***

This is your chance to be featured in one of my videos! I want to include as many people from the Domino Community as possible saying what they like about dominoes! If you are under 13, please get your parent’s permission first. If they are okay with you being in the video, here are directions :)

  1. Find a QUIET room to record your video (no people talking in the background, no music, no loud fans, etc.)

  2. Make sure there is enough light so that we can see you! Filming during the day usually looks good, otherwise please ensure that there is enough light.

  3. Hold your camera or phone horizontally so it is WIDESCREEN.

  4. If you have a tripod, please use that! (Otherwise, hold your phone or camera as still as you can, making sure that you aren’t blocking the mic with finger).

  5. In 20 seconds or less, record yourself saying the following: “What’s up Domino Community?! My name is [first name], I’m from [state/country], and the thing I like most about dominoes is ________.” Try to keep this sentence short. After you say this line, you can add more detail to your answer in a few sentences. Just make sure it’s less than 20 seconds total! You can say this in your native language, but please put english subtitles at the bottom of the video. Note: Your face must be shown on camera. Unfortunately that is the only way this video will work. My apologies about that. I completely understand if you do not want to show your face on camera. If you want me to write "anonymous" on the screen so your name/channel isn't attached to your video, I can certainly do that.

  6. Please submit your video below! Deadline for submissions is Thursday, December 27th. Video will be posted on January 5th!


If under 13, please get your parent's permission first before participating.
Upload your video to Google Drive (preferred method), then right click the file and click "get shareable link". Please paste this link below so I can download your video in full resolution! You can also send using a Dropbox link or email directly to H5dominocommunity@gmail.com with the subject, "What I like about dominoes". (Note: emailing may only work if the video is small enough. If you choose to email, please be sure to fill out this form in addition and write "emailed" in the space below). If you said your line in a language other than english, please write out the english translation here as well.
Name *
Ex: California, USA
Enter your name, YouTube channel username, or "anonymous" if you prefer to be anonymous
You'll also be the first to know about any upcoming domino events near you, plus news about everything in the Domino Community via email! :)