Domino Resume

As of November 2014: Over 335,000 subscribers and 67,000,000 total video views

August 2014: Boston-based video production house Extraneous Noise hired me to create a domino segment for a Lenovo commercial set to air in late September showcasing their new Infinity displays.

August 2014: While The TODAY Show act was being prepped my publicist contacted some area news outlets.New Hampshire Chronicle, a nightly magazine program produced by the local ABC affiliate, wanted to create a profile of me, my hobby, and how far I have taken it. The segment is currently in post-production; stay tuned for more on when it will be posted to the web.

August 2014: Global Citizen, a non-profit organization with 250,000 members worldwide, promotes and organizes initiatives to end global problems like poverty, health, education, and the environment. Members take action in various ways to achieve goals. Each September they put on the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, NYC, with 2014 acts that will include Jay-Z, No Doubt, FUN., The Roots, and more. They contacted me to create 2 web videos to help raise awareness; when members join and take action they earn the opportunity to attend the music festival. View the first one here.

August 2014: To help promote the new major motion picture Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesParamount Pictures asked me to create a TMNT domino setup. Will Arnett, the popular actor and comedian, filmed a custom intro for the project where he challenges me to create “the world's coolest TMNT domino video.” Once the video went live Will Arnett (@arnettwill) and TMNTmovie tweeted it to their Twitter fans.

July 2014: YouTube sent me a personalized Silver Play Button Award for reaching 100,000 subscribers! 

July 2014: Domino Effect (a group of 4 Domino Artists including myself) competed on live television for the final spot on America's Got Talent season 9 through TODAY’s Got Talent, a joint production with The TODAY Show. Our act was one of 3 chosen out of 5,000 entries vying for the most votes to move on to America's Got Talent. We set up 18,000 dominoes in less than 2 days, and the topple was broadcasted live on The TODAY Show on NBC; you can view the performance here. Unfortunately, Domino Effect did not get enough votes out of the three acts to move on to America's Got Talent.

June 2014: The ad agency GRIP Limited was producing a series of short-form commercials for the new Honda Fit. They brought us up to a studio in Toronto to create a domino topple for one of the spots. You can watch the final Honda Fit commercial here. For an additional long-form commercial I built a domino wall with the FIT logo for the intro – you can view that one here. (Interesting fact: The FIT domino wall was filmed entirely in front of a green screen and then seamlessly integrated with the car video footage during post-production using CGI)

June 2014: I entered into a cooperative business agreement with and created a large domino setup for their website.

June 2014: My video titled 22,000 Dominoes! (200,000 Subscriber Special) went viral a few days after it was uploaded! This is my personal record for the most dominoes setup at one time by myself. I built this in celebration of reaching 200,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. The video was featured on the front page of RedditSmosh's website and Facebook page (Smosh is top YouTuber with over 18 million subscribers!), YouTube's official Facebook page, and numerous other websites.

April 2014: Dominoes in Reverse was featured on the web show RightThisMinute 

February 2014: The Cartoon Network in Scandinavia is developing a TV show, sponsored by the game company Bergsala Enigma, to popularize Domino Art in the Nordic countries. To boost interest they asked to air some of my videos which they feel are broadcast quality.

February 2014: The Brattleboro Museum and Arts Center hosts an annual well-publicized domino toppling event. I was asked to be part of the team to build this year’s setup (30,000 dominoes) and used the 2014 Winter Olympics for the central theme; the event was broadcast live on the local CBS affiliate. You can watch the 30,000 domino setup fall here.

February 2014: After judging an animation contest for ADA Sport in December they again asked me to be a YouTube celebrity judge for the new season. 

February 2014: I entered my school district’s PTA Reflections Contest in the film category and won first place. My video entry, “Arms Wide Open,” went on to the next level and won 2nd place in the state!

January 2014: Universal Studios contacted me early in the month to tell me I won the Grand Prize in theirDespicable Me 2 Super Fan Challenge! My Minion domino project was the winning video. The Grand Prize is a round trip for four to Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA plus a bunch of Despicable Me merchandise!

January 2014: Part of my Despicable Me domino video was featured on NBC's A Toast To 2013 on New Years Eve.

December 2013: One of YouTube's most subscribed channels, TheFineBros (over 6 million subscribers), featured my viral video, INSANE Domino Tricks! in their "50 YouTube Spoilers in 5 Minutes" series for the month of November. 

November 2013: Later in the month, Ellen DeGeneres favorited my viral video and Ivanka Trump tweeted it to her 1.5 million Twitter followers.

November 2013: After posting INSANE Domino Tricks! (a collaborative effort with Millionendollarboy, a domino artist in Germany) on it went viral within a few hours and garnered requests to post or re-post from numerous media outlets, news agencies, TV stations, publications, and celebrity Tweets throughout the world – too many to list. The video went completely viral with an astounding view count of over 9,000,000 in just the first week (it has now had over 65 million views) and was even featured on the front page of YouTube for several days.

August 2013: YouTube Corporation tweeted its 32,000,000 Twitter followers about the YOMYOMF video and directed them to view it. Aug 16, 2013 @YouTube tweets: "If you want to get the attention of your favorite YouTube channel, 12,000 dominoes helps a lot." Click here to see the tweet and its responses.

August 2013: The CEO of What's Trending, a highly respected and popular YouTube news aggregator, Damon Berger, created a feature segment based on Hevesh5’s YOMYOMF domino video. What’s Trending feature segment on YOMYOMF domino video. 

July 2013: The YouTube channel The YOMYOMF Network (over 566,000 subscribers/45 million views) contacted Hevesh5 to make a custom domino video for their channel. They discovered her as an “influential fan.” YOMYOMF is based on the pop culture blog, You Offend Me You Offend My Family, founded by Hollywood director Justin Lin (Better Luck Tomorrow, the Fast & Furious franchise) along with partners including top YouTube personalities Ryan HigaKevJumba and Chester SeeYOMYOMF Network domino video

July 2013: The video editing software company CyberLink, who publishes the award winning Power Director Suite, invites Hevesh5 to become a CyberLink MVP due to advanced editing skills using their products. They also invited Hevesh5 to participate in a promotional video for the launch of a new Creative Director Suite.

June 2013: I made a tribute video for very popular YouTube channel MysteryGuitarMan who has over 2,700,000 subscribers/330 million views. This influential YouTuber promoted the MGM domino video I created with comments and shares on his Facebook and Twitter accounts. As a result another influential YouTuber, HouseHoldHacker (Life Hacks, Science, Pranks, and more!) who has almost 1,900,000 subscribers “Liked” the video as well.

March 2013: Hired by Rio Bravo Pictures , a commercial film agency, for a TV commercial for AACT NOW! in Texas. The live action was filmed on location with our domino inventory, and then stitched together with the field at the end which was done at home. AACT NOW! TV commercial

February 2013: Hired by digital ad agency Ressac Media in Montreal, Canada, to design and build a 25,000 domino setup for a large Canadian non-profit and several corporate sponsors. This is the largest domino setup in Quebec. Familiprix Record-breaking Chain of Dominoes

January 2013: Hired by an independent production team in Los Angeles for a Campbell’s Soup TV commercial they produced on spec. The live action was filmed on location with our domino inventory, then stitched together with the ending Campbell's Soup domino field, which was done at home. Spec Campbell’s Soup TV commercial (enter password: soup).

January 2013: Hired by and featured on Gone Viral TV, a cable television channel, to create "bumpers," which are short TV commercials. GVTV bumper 1 and GVTV bumper 2.

September 2012: YouTuber Ericsurf6 is a popular magician based in Japan who has 240,000 subscribers/105 million views. He asked Hevesh5 to produce a domino intro for his videos. He liked it and sent a Get Some Flat Pack to say thanks. 

August 2012: The number one most subscribed YouTuber, Smosh, who has 13,500,000 subscribers/over 2.7 billion views, posts my video Famous YouTubers in 25,000 Dominoes , in which he is featured, on his website and Facebook page.

July 2012: Domination 2012 was a collaboration of 6 domino builders and one of the biggest domino events in US history with a grand total of 45,000 dominoes. The theme of the event was Games, spanning all different types of games including old school gaming references, some sports projects, classic board games, and everything in between. Hevesh5 created the final edited video using raw video files from 6 cameras, plus previews, time lapses, and other extra footage. Then annotation and the soundtrack were added in. Hevesh5 created the trailer as a separate project. View the trailer here, and at the end of it click on the link to view the event, or click here to go directly to the event video

April 2012: Hevesh5 was featured in a segment on Right This Minute, a web TV channel.

July 2011: The popular YouTuber Wheezywaiter, who has 514,000 subscribers/80 million views, has used the Wheezywaiter domino outro video Hevesh5 made for him on several of his own videos. 

December 2010: Hevesh5 created a tribute video for popular YouTuber, Pogobat, known for his Rubik's Cube tutorial, who has 267,000 subscribers/102 million views. He marked The Tribute to Pogobat video as one of his favorites.