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INSANE Domino Tricks Goes Insanely Viral!
After posting INSANE Domino Tricks! (a collaborative effort with Millionendollarboy, a domino artist in Germany) on Reddit.com it went viral within a few hours and garnered requests to post or re-post from numerous media outlets, news agencies, TV stations, publications, and celebrity Tweets throughout the world – too many to list. The video went completely viral with an astounding view count of over 9,000,000 in just the first week (it has now had over 21 million views) and was even featured on the front page of YouTube for several days. (11/2013)

One of YouTube's most subscribed channels, TheFineBros (over 6 million subscribers), featured the video in their "50 YouTube Spoilers in 5 Minutes" series for the month of November. Later in the month, Ellen DeGeneres favorited my viral video and Ivanka Trump tweeted it to her 1.5 million Twitter followers.

22,000 Dominoes Goes Viral!
My video titled 22,000 Dominoes! (200,000 Subscriber Special) went viral a few days after it was uploaded! This is my personal record for the most dominoes setup at one time by myself. I built this in celebration of reaching 200,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. The video was featured on the front page of RedditSmosh's website and Facebook page (Smosh is the top YouTuber with over 19 million subscribers!), YouTube's official Facebook page, and numerous other websites.  (June 2014)

Live domino event at Vermont Art Museum
The Brattleboro Museum and Arts Center hosts an annual well-publicized domino toppling event. I was asked to be part of the team to build this year’s setup (30,000 dominoes) and used the 2014 Winter Olympics for the central theme; the event was broadcast live on the local CBS affiliate. (February 2014)

Domination 2012
This was a collaboration of 6 domino builders and one of the biggest domino events in US history with a grand total of 45,000 dominoes. The theme of the event was Games, spanning all different types of games including old school gaming references, some sports projects, classic board games, and everything in between. Hevesh5 created the final edited video using raw video files from 6 cameras, plus previews, time lapses, and other extra footage. Then annotation and the soundtrack were added in. Hevesh5 created the trailer as a separate project. (7/2012)

YOYOMF Network Custom Video
The YouTube channel The YOMYOMF Network (over 500,000 subscribers/50 million views) contacted Hevesh5 to make a custom domino video for their channel. They discovered me as an “influential fan.” YOMYOMF is based on the pop culture blog, You Offend Me You Offend My Family, founded by Hollywood director Justin Lin (Better Luck Tomorrow, the Fast & Furious franchise) along with partners including top YouTube personalities Ryan HigaKevJumba and Chester See.  

In August YouTube Corporation tweeted its 32,000,000 Twitter followers about the YOMYOMF video and directed them to view it. Aug 16, 2013 @YouTube tweets: "If you want to get the attention of your favorite YouTube channel, 12,000 dominoes helps a lot." Click here to see the tweet and its responses. The CEO of What's Trending, a highly respected and popular YouTube news aggregator, Damon Berger, created a feature segment based on Hevesh5’s YOMYOMF domino video. What’s Trending feature segment on YOMYOMF domino video.  (7/2013)