Are you interested in joining a domino club near you?

Below is a list of domino toppling groups that you can join! If there aren't any clubs near you, I highly recommend starting your own! After school clubs and library workshops are perfect to get your local community together and interested in the world of domino toppling. If you started a club and want to be added to the list, please send me an email at with the club information (name of club, location, organizer and email, and a 1-2 sentence description of the club).

Always be safe! Contact the organizer ahead of time and make sure an adult accompanies you if you are under 18.


  • MASSACHUSETTS - Domino Art Club organized by Deb Buhler and Peter Kashou: Come test out your artistic abilities with dominos. Not only will this class be full of domino art, but it will involve chain reaction type events as well. We will incorporate hot wheels tracks, ping pong balls, golf balls, etc. Cost is $110 for 6 weeks. Grades K-1.

  • MICHIGAN - Domino Topplers in Michigan organized by Harvey Krage: We are a parent network of Domino Artists (in Michigan) who imagine, design and build amazing domino creations that topple in ways that are surprising and fun!

  • NEBRASKA - Domino Club at Peace Presbyterian organized by Amy Petersen. We are a homeschool group with no affiliation to the church or religion that meets every first Monday of the month from 1-3 at the Peace Presbyterian in Elkhorn, Nebraska. Email Amy at comments or questions.

  • NEW HAMPSHIRE - Design Build Topple Studio organized by Cj Stephens: We aim to provide a nurturing, fun and collaborative environment for children to engage with unique and exclusive design build processes and materials. Small groups will focus on domino design/build/topple, STEAM supported enrichment activities as well as art integrated approaches to building things up and making them move, beyond.

    OKLAHOMA - Tulsa Domino Community organized by Kellie Gaffney at the Hardesty Library. Meets on Wednesdays (Oct. 25, Nov. 29, Dec. 27, Jan. 31, Feb. 28, Mar. 28, April 25, May 30) at 10:45am and topple at 12:15pm. Bring your own dominoes!

  • PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia Domino Topplers Club organized by Severin and Nico Westerdale. Philadelphia Domino Topplers Club is a fun event for children aged 6+, teens and adults at the Philadelphia Charles Santore Library in Queen Village every last Saturday of the month at 1pm starting January 25th. Dominoes will be provided, and everyone is welcome to bring their own dominoes and chain reaction machine parts. Meet with builders and make new friends.