From May 30th through June 1st, 2019, the Wiedenbrücker Domino Team (WDT) was busy setting up over 100,000 dominoes in a local gymnasium in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany. WDT consists of 7 professional German domino builders, who meet annually to organize a giant domino event. This is the eighth straight year that the builders have held this event, but this one was bigger and better than ever before. The builders were aiming for a grand total of 105,501 dominoes, an effort that would successfully break the team’s previous record of 87,197, which was set at last year’s WDT event. By the time the falldown on June 2nd rolled around, the builders had exceeded their expectations and set up a total of 108,982 dominoes!

Each year, the team’s domino event has a theme, an overarching idea that each domino project is based upon. This year, the theme was The Life in Domino. As the falldown progressed, the domino projects depicted situations sequentially from birth, childhood, adulthood, and finally, death. By the end, the falldown was a perfect success, with no fails or breaks along the way. According to WDT, 108,851 out of 108,982 dominoes toppled, resulting in a new record for the team, and a target to beat next year!