Dutch Domino Team is a team of 8 talented domino builders from the Netherlands. The team recently announced on their YouTube channel, DutchDominoTeam, that they are planning a 2019 event with 350,000 dominoes, with the theme “Road to Fame: Emma’s Story.”

According to the YouTube description, the domino event will be about “a fictional character, Emma Smith, who would love to have a singing career. She goes viral with a video of her singing at a marketplace, and after winning a talent show, her popularity is higher than ever before. She moves to America, gets a contract there and scores number one hit after number one hit. By the time she’s 21, she has become a fully-fledged pop star. Everyone has heard of her! She throws a massive birthday party, not knowing that from that day her luck is about to turn against her…”

Dutch Domino Team plans to beat the Netherlands Domino Record, which the team also set only a year ago during DDT 2018. This national record currently stands at 222,222 dominoes, but hopefully for not much longer!

You can watch the official trailer (which includes 100,00 dominoes!) below: