I'm a professional Domino Artist and YouTuber. I design and build intricate domino setups/chain reactions for your entertainment on YouTube and for commercial projects. To learn more about my work, please visit my YouTube channel and the "My Work" page. For business inquiries and social media links, please see the contact page.

Advertisements & Promo Spots
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Collateral Beauty, a Major Motion Picture
I was hired to design and build complex domino projects for a major motion picture, "Collateral Beauty" (2016). This movie featured leading stars Will Smith, Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, Kiera Knightly, and Ed Norton, and was directed by Oscar winner David Frankel. Along with assistant builders Nathan Heck and Shane O'Brien, I worked on a soundstage at Silvercup Studios, NYC, for 2 weeks building the domino structures for filming while working closely with the director and production designer. The dominoes acted as a metaphor representing crucial elements of the screenplay. See some of the dominoes in the movie trailer.

Honda Fit Commercial
GRIP Limited, a Toronto-based ad agency was producing a series of short-form commercials for the new Honda Fit. They brought us up to a sound stage in Toronto to create a domino topple for one of the spots. For an additional long-form commercial I built a domino wall with the FIT logo for the intro; an interesting fact: The FIT domino wall was filmed entirely in front of a green screen and then seamlessly integrated with the car video footage during post-production using CGI. When the agency later published a behind-the-scenes “how it was done” featurette on YouTube, you can see the green screen production that was used for the intro. (6/2014)

Ford Commercial
On behalf of Ford Canada, the ad agency Group SJR reached out to me to create a domino video celebrating 50 years of pickup truck sales in Canada and the new release of the Ford's 2017 Super Duty. (3/2016)


Campbell’s Soup TV Commercial (Password: soup)
Hired by an independent production team in Los Angeles for a Campbell’s Soup TV commercial they produced on spec. Enter password: soup. The live action was filmed on location with our domino inventory, then stitched together with the ending Campbell's Soup domino field, which was done at home. (1/2013)

Live Domino Topple for Prudential
Prudential Retirement Services holds annual conferences each year - one on each coast. For 2015, their advertising theme employed a unique domino metaphor to convey their marketing message; watch their original video commercial, "The Prudential Dominoes Experiment" here. I was hired to create a live domino topple for their East Coast event at Amelia Island, FL in May, and again for their West Coast conference in Scottsdale, AZ in September. For each event I set up over 7,000 dominoes in two days. The setup included a miniature of the giant domino topple from their original commercial. (5/2015 and 9/2015)

Advil Commercial
Advil sponsors the TV series "American Doers" as seen on People.com. They wanted to create a series of web commercials tying in the American Doers theme and artists who practice art forms that can be taxing on the body, sometimes requiring a pain killer. I was hired to create some domino structures that featured the brand.

The Incredible Science Machine (200,000 Dominoes)
Zeal's Incredible Science Machine, a crowd-funded event, took place at the Detroit Science Center and was the largest chain reaction/Rube Goldberg Machine in the world! It contained 858 steps, 200,000 dominoes, and broke the American Domino Record. 16 builders aged 11 to 50 worked ten 14-hour days to complete this chain reaction machine. For behind the scenes and extras click here. (8/2015)

Otten Johnson Holiday Card
Juicebox Interactive, a digital agency in Des Moines, was making a 2014 holiday e-card for a client that wanted to evoke a sense of a city being built up – in this case Denver, CO. Deciding on a physical build that could be played in reverse, they settled on dominoes for the art form. This was a unique challenge because the entire design - which featured miniatures of Denver landmarks built with dominoes - had to consider reverse playback for each individual structure as well as the entire end-to-end setup, which required 6,000 dominoes. (11/2014)

Familiprix Record-breaking Chain of Dominoes
Hired by digital ad agency Ressac Media in Montreal, Canada, to design and build a 25,000 domino setup for a large Canadian non-profit and several corporate sponsors in celebration (Opération Enfant Soleil Québec) of a milestone.(2/2013)

AACT NOW! TV Commercial
Hired by Rio Bravo Pictures, a commercial film agency, for a TV commercial for AACT NOW! in Texas. The live action was filmed on location with our domino inventory, and then stitched together with the field at the end which was done in the home studio. (3/2013)

Lenovo Infinity Ad Campaign
Boston-based video production house Extraneous Noise hired me to create a domino segment for a Lenovo commercial showcasing their new Infinity displays. (8/2014)

OHSU Knight Cancer Challenge
The Oregon Health & Science University Research Center held a public event in Portland to celebrate a cancer research breakthrough, and to thank contributors for helping raise $1 billion in a fundraising campaign that will fund research to end cancer. They wanted a live demonstration that showed "cancer fall" in a collapsing domino display. (7/2015)

Res.net Speed Test
Res.net, a software developer, produced a series of “speed challenge” videos to promote how their solutions can help customers produce results quickly. For the second video they wanted a timed challenge where a subject raced against a domino topple to achieve a goal before the final domino fell. (8/2014)

Gone Viral Cable TV Commercials
Hired by and featured on Gone Viral TV, a cable television channel, to create short TV commercials for their subscribers. (1/2013)

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